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During these turbulent times of globalization, financial and political corruption, mass unemployment, war mongering, Orwellian security, economic depression, fake news, and other such optimistic motivators, I have decided, as a composer, to write some new pieces to reflect the spirit of the times.

Here is a possible list of my 2019 new song titles.

Brother, can you spare some fiat currency?
I’m beginning to see the dark
No thanks for the memories
Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start protesting all over again
Gov for sale
Don’t get around at all, anymore.
There’s no business like no business, like no business I know…
What is this thing called austerity?
No one to watch over me.
How high the debt
There will never be another IOU
Ain’t misbehavin’,.. Yet!
We all don’t stand a ghost of a chance
It don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that co-signer
They can take that away from me.
Rainy days and Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, get me down
Nice work, but you can’t get it
I got your chip under my skin.
I can’t give you anything but debt.
Someday my bills will come
I’m in the mood for work
These were a few of my favorite things
Bewitched, bothered and beaten up
The citizen is a tramp
From Russia with Nukes
The days of crime and neurosis
All the things you aren’t.
It was a very bad year
I’m going to sit right down, and write my self a suicide note.
Crappy birthday to you

and last, but not least…

Who’s really sorry now?

©2017 Darryl John Kennedy

Years ago, because of my cultural work overseas, I had been invited to New York, as a guest, to speak on the Fox TV show, “The O’Reilly Factor.”

Unfortunately, because of some technical issues, we were not able to broadcast my appearance. A few months before, I had met Bill O’Reilly briefly, at a book-signing, and found him to be well-informed on many world issues and a very direct conversationalist. As a fellow Irishman, I welcome this kind of no-nonsense, witty, intellectual sparring. It keeps the conversation interesting and humorous.

While traveling to Ireland, I had the opportunity to interview a horse and carriage driver in Killarney, named Danny Ferris, who gave me an Irishmen’s view of life, and personal insights, regarding a famous Irish American talk show host; Bill O’Reilly, whom he had never heard of. I hope viewers can enjoy this tongue-in-cheek humorous video, including Bill, an intellectual, whose controversial opinions delight some, and inflame others.

Like political commentators on all sides, whether conservative, liberal or independent, I respect them for their many years of service to the American Ideal of free speech. This video could just as well have been about them. Cultural differences bring out the way we humans act, and we tend to be a funny species. I believe many cats, dogs and other animals might agree. Whether a commentator’s point of view is skewed or proven correct, the Constitution provides room for all Americans to express their thoughts. Let’s hope Americans can keep it that way, with humor, respect, humility and insight.

When we can’t laugh at ourselves anymore, even in this uncompromising, hostile political environment, humanity becomes intolerable and we are, therefore, more easily controlled by global interests. Greek comedy, and its immediate predecessor, Greek tragedy, form the foundation upon which all modern theatre is based. This humor is now being converted into a politically-correct way of life, where people are offended, because the satire, tragedy or comedy hurts their feelings. I hope we humans can be better and stronger than that.

If political-correctness continues, it could spell the end, not only of the Constitutional amendment protecting free speech, but also, Homer, Shakespeare, Voltaire, TS Eliot, Chekov, Mark Twain, Sophocles, Goethe, Oscar Wilde and George Carlin. Therefore, to help protect humanity’s future survival, let us remember the importance and seriousness of promoting our foolishness.

Darryl John Kennedy

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