“He’s a cultural ambassador of the first order.” 
He’s the only American, who has had such a successful television and radio schedule here.” 
James Chrisenger, Cultural Attaché for the U.S. Embassy in Prague, Czech Republic.

Darryl John Kennedy is an American composer and multi instrumentalist, who performs in concert and on recordings throughout the world. He’s a traveler to over 50 countries and student of numerous languages. Darryl plays professionally 16 instruments, and has produced 155 CDs with international artists, and composed various film soundtracks.

Kennedy travels the world as an independent cultural ambassador, and has been an invited keynote speaker, as an expert on cultural relations to organizations, including the United Nations / Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, World Affairs Council of America, National Council of International Visitors, University of California, Los Angeles, Public Relations Society of America, and has worked independently in cooperation with the US State Department’s Educational and Cultural Affairs, Citizens Exchange, and US Embassies. As an Independent, he has no affiliation with any political party. He speaks as a well-traveled American.

Kennedy’s cultural diplomacy, demonstrates that American citizens can be successful leaders in the international arena.

What distinguishes Kennedy from other musicians? He uses the arts as a method to promote cultural excellence and demonstrate American leadership without propaganda. “Better cultural relations make better foreign policy,” says Kennedy. His strategy is based on relating and understanding the subconscious historical and cultural emotionalism of societies.

Proof of his successful method:

Darryl traveled to the USSR and worked on artistic projects with Russian musicians and film makers. His interview and music video “Never Say Goodbye” was seen by 80 million people on the Russian National Program VSGLAT. He’s performed at Moscow’s Blue Bird Jazz Club with Russian pianist Michael Alperin and Armenian musician Sergei Monokian in Red Square. In Azerbijian, Darryl performed for the Soviet Red Army. Kennedy was the first American in concert at the KGB Ministry of Interior in Moscow, a demonstration of the effectiveness in Kennedy’s approach abroad in difficult political circumstances. Darryl’s method has been implemented in countries including indonesia, Korea, Japan, Egypt, Czechoslovakia, Philippines and others.

Along with international TV shows and interviews on Radio Prague and Radio Moscow, he recorded the CD “Czechmate” with big band arranger Kamil Hala, and the CD “Energy” with the jazz rock group “Hot Line.” While performing at the Karlovy Vary jazz festival in the Czech Republic, Darryl met and invited Dutch pianist Michael Del Ferro to the US where they recorded the CD “Nice Changes” released on Kennedy’s record label DKM. Kennedy’s Asian voyages include performing in Indonesia with guitarist Yopi Item in Jakarta, in Korea at the Blue Moon Jazz Club, in the Philippines with film star Kokoy Loren, and in Prague with Japanese dancer Min Tanaka. In South America, he studied Spanish and Brazilian orchestrations that he used in the CD “Your Voice in the Night” featuring Mexican vocalist Lupita Bejar. He also was a guest artist with the Samyoung Orchestra in South Korea. The Wisconsin television program “Look-In,” featured Darryl performing the haunting song “Jerusalem,” honoring the slain Israeli leader Itzac Rabin.

Kennedy enjoys performing with musicians from all around the world. Darryl remarks, “I was born into the music business; my first four steps were in tempo.” Kennedy has traveled extensively in the Middle East including The UAE, Qatar, Turkey, Israel and Egypt. He has composed various Jewish Sephardic compositions and tributes, and produced the CD “Voices from the Sand,” the first joint American and Egyptian production of its kind and spoke regarding this success at the United Nations with the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy.

Darryl’s quests have taken him scuba-diving with sharks in the Galapagos Islands, jungles of Bali, deserts of the middle east, sacred temples of Asia, climbing mountains in Japan, expeditions down the Amazon, skydiving, alchemy, and archaeology in ancient sites.

Raising American cultural excellence is my mission. It starts with myself. All the great past civilizations have risen and fallen. America has little time to reverse its course of losing its sovereignty. The Constitution might be proven to be a fantasy of some idealistic men in history. I do not intend to let that happen without a fight, yet steering a new course cannot be achieved by words alone. One demonstrates their work is worthy in the eyes of others through tangible results.

The works of human literature, art, music, architecture and philosophy might be the only reminders to future humanity that we even existed. Should one doubt this conjecture, please list the contributions by most politicians of the last thousand years, if they could even recall their names. One of Leonardo’s paintings is worth a thousand politician’s promises. Aristotle, Seneca, Emerson, Lao Tzu, Kant, Beethoven and other great minds remain immortal through their tangible accomplishments.

Let’s continue in that same tradition of cultural excellence.”

Its time for the new, “American Renaissance.”

Darryl John Kennedy

“I truly recomm

between the United States and other countries of the world. It is by employing 

peaceful methods, as you do so well, that we will bring this world closer together.” Congresswoman Lois Capps, Dem. Oxnard, CA