Speaking Events

 “The United States of America benefits greatly by having such an exceptionally talented individual who can promote goodwill throughout the world. Darryl’s extensive travels have assisted him not only as a musician but in becoming a cultural ambassador of the arts.
I personally recommend Darryl John Kennedy as a cultural representative
of the United States.” Milwaukee Mayor, John Norquist

When I speak to groups, many people ask me the same question: “Darryl, Why do so many people around the world hate America?” I tell them that they don’t hate Americans, they just don’t like some of the US foreign policy. Regarding this issue specifically, I think it’s important to keep a proper perspective in America’s relations with the rest of the world. Some of the countries which have criticized the United States, are countries that, in the past, have tried to seek world domination. It is difficult for any country, which has been in that position, to have to deal with a new kid on the block.

That doesn’t mean America is always right, but it does mean that, historically, the US shouldn’t try to follow in the idealogical footsteps of any other country. I really enjoy speaking to groups. People want to hear about the world from someone who’s seen it first-hand. They have a great thirst for knowledge about the other people of the world, and feel they’re not getting the whole picture from the mainstream media. All news is somewhat biased, from a particular journalist’s viewpoint. What I try to do, is to clarify the cultural positions from around the globe in an “Around the world in 30 minutes” type of presentation. This makes it highly informative, and entertaining at the same time. I also perform music as a way to inspire listeners to raise themselves up to the best they can be.

 One of the realizations which people take home with them, is how the peoples of the world think, in terms of ethics. When I finish, the audience understands that we are really products of our environment, and that the highest form of thinking is to understand our own thought processes. We all inhabit the same planet. The difficulties of international life begin, when one believes that their way is the only way. The history of war proves this ideology to be illogical. I try to open the audience to an international world of insight and responsibility.