“Thank you for all that you have done around the world on behalf of our great country”
Dan Bartlett’s office, Special counselor to the President, The White House
If you’re an effective leader, you’re going to be criticized for your ideas. It’s not easy to do what’s right, in spite of disagreement. Being politically correct is not clearly defined in today’s international, sociological context. Allies can become adversaries overnight. Enemies might become temporary allies, and geopolitics are the rules of engagement. Although there are some incompetent leaders, there are also some brilliant, and informed people, working in Washington. Some, whom I’ve met and have corresponded with, work in military, intelligence, diplomatic, secret service, cultural, law enforcement and political directions.
Leaders from international corporations have also provided me with business perspectives that define our world in non-nationalistic hues. I’ve learned much from these informed minds. Some are nationalist, others globalists, some capitalist and others socialist. Some war mongers and others pacifists. Regardless of their realist or idealistic leanings, their combined experiences have taught me not to be naive. We cannot escape geopolitical reality. The hidden forces which move this world are much bigger than single nations. What I’ve learned, and the information they have entrusted me with, is confidential, and will stay that way. I gave them my word. 
Solving global problems takes many different insights, which should include dialogue with private citizens. However, citizens who wish to be taken seriously in discussions, should be internationally and historically informed, well mannered, speak eloquently and be responsible for their actions. Many so-called “experts,” debating political or economic agendas on TV, are just entertainment or dogma, because they are compartmentalized within their field, unaware of how the world , behind the scenes, actually operates. The screaming protesters with no means of legal implementation, or sociopathic anarchists destroying private property as a method for political discontent, prove nothing. It only provides law enforcement with a legal justification for social control. Civil disobedience should be actualized, by demonstrating a humanistic, higher moral imperative, which cannot be disproven. This puts oppressors on the horns of a dilemma, and therefore, must resort to violence, which destroys their credibility, resulting in their downfall as history has proven. Protests should not be a way for political parties or NGO’s to create civil unrest, to promote their agendas. Only an informed and wise citizenry, can tell the difference.
 Yes, it is true, there are some in power, who do not wish humanity to be informed, in order to control them. There is some validity to their reasoning, regarding overpopulation and resources. Although I understand their position, I do not share their conjecture that they, or the earth, might be destroyed by an informed populace. Therefore, any destruction by false flag control through war, biologicals or AI, which would create a world inhospitable for billions, would also include them.
With all its faults, humanity deserves to survive. Let us move forward.
 So why do I believe in the new “American Renaissance?”
After traveling the world and seeing the agendas at play, I believe in less than 100 years, if we don’t change coarse, the United States as we know, will tailspin into historical oblivion, the way of Rome, Egypt and Greece. We will militarily and technologically spend ourselves in to moral bankruptcy, becoming culturally, a third world nation controlled by fascist oligarchs, using Artificial Intelligence, surveillance and nuclear weapons for the benefit of international finance.
This “Orwellean” future, need not happen. I pray it does not.
I ask my fellow Americans, to support me in my mission, and that our country’s future sovereignty might be assured.
On a January morning in 1961, a man stood alone in the icy cold, and said, “Ask not, what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”
       … I asked.

Every American should read the Constitution. It defines the power structure of America, (We the people.) If we are to be a successful republic, we need to stand for something: the responsibility to raise our standards of excellence in the United States, by helping humanity. After traveling to 50 countries, I can see that the old world concept of sovereign nationalism is changing. When the Constitution was signed in 1787, there were 800 million people on the earth. Now, as the world’s population reaches seven billion, and more countries obtain nuclear power, there will be completely new challenges. Food, climate, security and economics, are issues that the U.S. founding fathers couldn’t ever have imagined. Thinking like 1776 will prove futile in the real-politic of 2019. Yet, we need to have a constitutional standard by which to judge ourselves, or there is no basis for law or nation.

The puzzle to solve, regarding nationalism vs globalism, is this: Citizens must re-define what it means to be an American:  

Not in 1776, but Now.

Unless we can declare and define specifically, who “we the people” are, as an “American culture,” in 2019, we will be controlled by international interests, whether we like it or not. The global agenda is already in motion. The goal for America today should be: To remain a strong sovereign nation, with a clear cultural identity, while accepting responsibility with other nations, to assist in international welfare.

We do, after all, live together on the Earth; how to survive is humanity’s greatest challenge. The answers will not begin in the minds of the money-controlled politicians. The answers begin, when the world’s youth stops trying to understand our self-appointed wisdom. By recognizing our mistakes, so that they don’t repeat them, they might be able to enhance society and the planet. I wish them well. However, first, they will have to stop wasting their time, watching and texting nonsense on social media, and actually begin taking part in shaping humanity. I strongly urge them to fix their own country’s problems first, before trying to save the world.

 I find the White House especially interesting at this time of world recession. A fortress of American power, yet finding that it must also adapt to a more global approach, in order to work with the international community. However, the President took an oath to the American people, “to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” This means he must protect the rights of the people. Americans demand that he keeps his word, and I agree. It will be difficult for him to do both global and national agendas. It is an interesting political time in history. Who will decide the fate of humanity? Asia, Europe, America, Russia or the Middle East? I’ve been in contact with the White House numerous times during my travels, to update them on my work, and to offer my cultural assistance overseas. We all can help. Perhaps, someday, U.S. Presidents will see the necessity for their administrations and citizen diplomats to work together. Having more informed approaches are not only important for America, but they just might help save humanity in our unstable, complex global future..
Kennedy speaks at the UN with the
Institute for Cultural Diplomacy
You do what you can, for as long as you can.
And when you finally can’t, you do the next best thing. 
You back up. but you don’t give up.
Pilot, Chuck Yeager