International Concert Artist

“It is wonderful to meet people who are committed to using culture to build ties for the U.S. around the world. We look forward to staying in touch about future plans you have.” 
Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, US Department of State
Darryl John Kennedy continues to perform extensively around the world. His music video “Never Say Goodbye” was seen by over 80 million people on the Russian National Program VSGLAT (a Russian 60 Minutes). He’s performed at Moscow’s Blue Bird Jazz Club with Russian pianist Michael Alperin and with Armenian musician Sergei Monokian in Red Square. In Azerbijian, Darryl entertained for the former Soviet Red Army.
 Along with international TV shows and interviews on Radio Prague and Radio Moscow, he recorded the CD “Czechmate” with big band arranger Kamil Hala, and the CD “Energy” with jazz rock group “Hot Line.”
While performing at a European jazz festival, Kennedy met and invited Dutch pianist Michael Del Ferro to the US where they recorded the CD “Nice Changes” released on Kennedy’s record label DKM. Kennedy was also the first American allowed to perform in concert at the KGB Ministry of Interior in Moscow. Kennedy’s Asian voyages include performing in Indonesia with guitarist Yopi Item in Jakarta, in Korea at the Blue Moon JazzClub, in the Philippines with film star Kokoy Loren, and with dancer Min Tanaka from Japan.
In South America, he studied Spanish and Brazilian orchestrations that he used in the CD “Your Voice in the Night” featuring Mexican vocalist Lupita Bejar. The Wisconsin television program “Look-In,” featured Darryl performing the haunting song “Jerusalem,” honoring the slain Israeli leader Yitzhak Rabin.  Most recently, performed and produced the CD “Voices from the Sand” featuring nine Egyptian artists. Kennedy says he loves to perform with musicians from all around the world. Darryl remarks, “I was born into the music business; my first four steps were in tempo.”