Cultural Ambassador

“He’s a cultural ambassador of the first order.” 
He’s the only American, who has had such a successful television and radio schedule here.”
James Chrisenger, Cultural Attaché for the U.S. Embassy in Prague, Czech Republic.
“In these political unstable times, it is essential that the United States build
strong global alliances. Effective detente is vital to national security.
Darryl Kennedy is an integral part of Americas warm hand of friendship to the world.”
Michael Phillip, Chairman of the board, World Affairs Council, Ventura County, CA

Darryl with the World Affairs Council at The PentagonDarryl with Secretary of State, Condoleeza RiceDarryl with Secretary of State, Colin PowellDarryl at White House with Ruben Barrales, Executive Office of the PresidentDarryl at US Department of StateDarryl with Ambassador of France, Jean-David LevitteDarryl with Ambassador of TaiwanDarryl with Chief Of Staff, Col. Larry WilkersonDarryl with presidential candidate, Michael DukakisDarryl with Ambassador of SwedenDarryl with President of Bosnia, Sulejman Tihic, Darryl in JerusalemDarryl at the Reichstag in Berlin    Darryl speaks at UCLA with diplomat Peter KovachDarryl with Ambassador of BahrainDarryl with director Lore Starr at Meridian InternationalDarryl with US Ambassador to Egypt, Frank Ricciardone

Darryl’s cultural diplomacy with South Korean youth orchestra

Darryl speaks with the press in middle eastDarryl as guest at Nile FM RadioDarryl with Japanese in Hiroshima

Darryl with Karl Rove

  Darryl talks to farmers in middle east  Darryl with Mark Donfreid, Director of Institute for Cultural Diplomacy
Darryl at US Department of StateDarryl visits ancient shrine in TokyoDarryl with Danny Ferris and friend in Killarney, IrelandDarryl with actor, Omar SherifDarryl with principal of Samyoung University, Seoul, Korea

Darryl with international businessman, Naguib Sawiris

Darryl with British Journalist and Politician Sir Eldon Griffths

Darryl speaks at the Public Relations Society of America

Darryl speaks at the US Department of State with FSO Susan Hovenec

Darryl speaks and performs at a Republican Woman’s meeting in California