What the Italian culture has given the world

There are few cultures that have graced western civilization with such fine art and beauty, as Italy.

Kennedy, at the Leonardo Da Vinci

Exhibition in Milan

The Italian names of Michelangelo, Rafael, Dante, Galileo, Puccini, Stratovari, Machiavelli, Thomas Aquinas, Marco Polo and hundreds of others, have enriched mankind in positive ways immeasurable. They have had a tremendous influence on my work and approach in conceptual thinking. The “Renaissance” was born here and flourished all throughout Europe.

Mankind owes its gratitude to the Italian culture for reminding all of us, that “Classic,” is always in style.

Yet, there is one figure who towers far above the rest. One man, who exemplifies the highest of human thought, expression and accomplishment. A master painter, sculptor, inventor, musician, alchemist, poet, architect, scientist, writer and philosopher

There will never be another…



“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

Leonardo Da Vinci