Darryl John Kennedy – Goodnight to All – (A Soldier’s Birthday) Feat: Bassist, Samer George

Darryl John Kennedy “Goodnight to All,” ©2020
Composed and produced by Darryl John Kennedy.
From the CD, “2020” Featuring bassist: Samer George,

Darryl John Kennedy: Sax, Trumpet, Lyricon, Brass, WW, Saxes,
Piano, Strings and Rhythm section.
This Original Big Band Jazz composition, “Good Night to All”,
was originally written as a jazz poem: “A Soldier’s Birthday.”
It conveys the thoughts of a young soldier in battle on his last day.

“A Soldier’s Birthday”
©2019 Written by Darryl John Kennedy
It’s time to say, “To All: Goodnight,”
At last, my day is done.
For this soldier’s woe, and painful strife,
Fade slow upon his ending life.

It’s time to say, “To All: Goodnight,”
The curse of bullets told.
And, when they ask, “just who he was,”
Perhaps you’ll say, “not old.”

For, I wasn’t born
On this lovely morn
Just to say, “To All: Goodnight.”

©2019 Darryl John kennedy


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