Darryl John Kennedy – “Anwar’s Theme” (A. Sadat)

©2019 Darryl John Kennedy – “Anwar’s Theme.”
Composed and produced by Darryl John Kennedy

On October 6th, 1981, the world awoke to the assassination of Egyptian President, Anwar Sadat.
As a composer and US cultural ambassador, I had driven by the Sadat memorial many times, during my cultural and musical work in Egypt.

As I would pass the monument during the night, I’d envisage what it must have been like, at that moment. The world changed forever that October day. Sadat was a worldly intellectual, loved and respected by both the East and the West. Anwar and his wife Jehan, dressed with impeccable style and grace. They proudly represented, the highest achievements of Egyptian culture. His proven bravery in war, and international vision for peace were testaments to his effective and courageous presidency. He spoke from his heart, and was both a warrior and a visionary.

Anwar Sadat may go down in history as, perhaps, the last great: “Egyptian statesman.”

I have composed “Anwar’s Theme” in his memory, and for my admiration of the Egyptian people, who have been so kind to me during my visits. May the Egyptian people always remember how they felt during Sadat’s leadership, and how, at this time in history, the entire world felt about Egypt and its great people.

Darryl John Kennedy

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