Darryl John Kennedy – In Praise of “Musician” Joshua Bell

In Praise of “Musician,” Joshua Bell

As a film composer, multi-instrumentalist and concert artist, I’ve traveled the world, working with hundreds of accomplished musical artists.

Society is sometimes impressed with the agility of musicians, which should never be the reason to listen or to go to a concert, whether Classical, Jazz or any other form.

It’s not how fast one can play, or how many notes of sonic gymnastics one can execute on their instrument. That is only technique, and any musician can, with enough practice, master their instrument. There are hundreds of contemporary concert artists like this, many of whom sound the same, believing there is a “correct or best way” to interpret or perform Ravel, Mozart or Prokofiev, with sonic precision.

The truth is, there was never a “way” to perform any great piece of music. Even the composer himself, had theme and variations, and would remind any performer today, that he had another idea in mind than the one they are performing.

However, the word “Music,” comes from the “Muses,” the inspirational goddesses of Literature, Science, and the Arts.

To accomplish this, “Musicians,” must allow themselves to be vulnerable to intense and deep emotion, wherever that may lead them. be it happy, romantic or painfully sad. It is a sensitive position of ego-less-ness, where, in order to create “Music,” and not just notes, one must submit to the universal will, and let one’s body and instrument become: “The voice of the goddesses.”

In this regard, Joshua Bell doesn’t just “play the violin;” like others, The Muses speak to all of humanity through that one man, with the piece of wood he holds in his hands.

He understands spiritually, his special place and time in our world, and allows himself to be alchemically moved, as an emotional conduit of the “Human heart, into the soul of human kind.”

He exemplifies the epitome of what true art and music was meant to convey:

The transcendence of earthly existence into the heavens, through communicating with the Muses. That is why, audiences get a “lump in their throats,” upon hearing him.

If one wishes to understand the true definition of the “Muses,” please watch this video.

Listen with a pure heart to the transcendent, speaking of love to all of us, through this one “Musical” Genius:

Joshua Bell.

O Mio Babbino Caro, by Puccini


Darryl John Kennedy is an American composer and multi-instrumentalist, who performs in concert and on recordings throughout the world. He’s a traveler to over 50 countries and student of numerous languages. Darryl plays professionally 16 instruments, and has produced 155 CDs with international artists, and composed various film soundtracks.

Kennedy travels the world as an independent cultural ambassador, and has been an invited keynote speaker, as an expert on cultural relations to organizations, including the United Nations / Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, World Affairs Council of America, National Council of International Visitors, University of California, Los Angeles, Public Relations Society of America, and has worked independently in cooperation with the US State Department’s Educational and Cultural Affairs, Citizens Exchange, and US Embassies.

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